Say Goodbye to Bedbugs

Hire a bedbug removal service in Mays Landing or Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Many homeowners think their house is immune to bedbugs. That's not the case. Bedbugs can affect homes of all sizes, no matter how clean or dirty they might be. If you're concerned your home has a bedbug problem, don't get bit by poor service from an average contractor. Choose ExtermaPro LLC.

We offer specialized bedbug removal services in Mays Landing & Egg Harbor Township, NJ and the surrounding area. Our services are more affordable and more effective than other products on the market.

For more details about our bedbug services, call us at 609-207-7082 now.

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3 signs you have a bedbug problem

If your house has bedbugs, you might not realize until the small problem has become a significant issue. Here are a few signs to watch for:

  1. Tiny bloodstains on your bedding
  2. Small bite marks on your skin when you wake up in the morning
  3. Brown bugs hiding in your bed frame or under your bedding

Don't risk it when it comes to bedbugs. Call our bedbug exterminator. We can rid your southern New Jersey home of its bedbug problems.